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We are grateful and relieved that we chose Jake and Mike Hooker to guide us through the intricacies of estate planning. They are an extremely knowledgeable, professional and amiable team. Mike's expertise and experience are invaluable. Jake's ability to explain difficult concepts, in language that we could understand, made us feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire process; plus, Jake's calm demeanor eased our worries. We found comfort in the fact that Jake is from the younger generation and will be here for us many years into the future.Their entire staff is supportive and helpful. 

John and Trina 

Michael Hooker and his staff are wonderful. Kind, caring, and compassionate.  When I needed more help than I was getting, they moved quickly with much-needed resources to begin my father’s care. This has made a world of difference in improving his quality of life. Mike, his social worker Jill, did a fabulous job getting everything organized for his care. I recommend Mike and his staff highly to anyone looking for help with an aging family member. 

Patty Ryan, Florence

I will be so happy when this is behind me. I cannot even imagine having to deal with all the family matters that your office has taken care of for me. I could not have done any of this without the team at Attorney Hooker. Thank you!

Faith Brouillard

I am so appreciative of everything Jill has done, I have a huge smile on my face as I type this. I am thankful for her not just for showing up but also for BEING PRESENT. Estelle has also been so instrumental in assisting with advice and as a tireless advocate. She made sure we understood every aspect of this process and was available morning, noon, and night. I would recommend Mike and his caring staff to anyone in need of elder care expertise. I'm certain that both of my parents are incredibly grateful to have them all in their lives.  

 Michael Wishnow

Mike, Thank you so very much for all of the compassion you put into your work, especially for me. I truly believe you honestly care about your clients and it shows. You have been more than kind to me. Thank you so much.

Kim Clairemont

In the many years I have worked with Michael Hooker and his team, both personally and professionally, I have found his law firm very knowledgeable on legal matters related to elder care, including planning for long-term care, accessing state Medicaid benefits, and advocating for clients who may not be able to advocate for themselves. For many hospice patients and their families, he has provided information and legal services necessary at the end of life. When facing death and dying, Michael Hooker and his staff have the skills to minimize the stress and make sure all the legal bases are covered.

Patricia Riggs, MSW, LICSW, Hospice Social Worker

I have had the good fortune to deal with Attorney Hooker and his staff in a professional capacity as a social worker for Northampton Council on Aging and in my new role at a local rest home. Attorney Hooker and his staff are an excellent resource for elders and their families, particularly on issues involving long-term care and placement and accessing government funding.

Crystal Cote-Stosz, Executive Director, Lathrop Home, Northampton

Things looked medically and financially dire when my mother entered a nursing home several years ago while my father remained in their apartment. There was a distinct possibility that a huge part of their savings would be consumed by my mother’s care. This was despite the fact that my father was a purple heart-decorated WWII veteran with a permanent wartime disability. Fortunately, we were directed to Attorney Hooker and his staff. With the firm's knowledge and expertise, we were able to salvage a large part of my parents’ savings even at the 11th hour.

Paul Spector, former Northampton City Councilor

Attorney Hooker and his staff came to the rescue of my parents and my siblings in a time of extreme stress relative to my father’s failing health and wish to remain in his home. Attorney Hooker reviewed my parents’ finances, life insurance, the deed to their house, and asset beneficiary designations. He did this with a keen understanding of our family dynamics. As a result of his work the settling of both of my parents’ estates at their respective deaths was exponentially smoother than it would have been had my parents not changed their pre-existing estate plan established by their general practitioner attorney.

John Richi, Owner, Pro Lube, Northampton

As a physician who attends to patients in local skilled nursing facilities, I can attest to the quality of the elder law services that Atty. Hooker and his multi-disciplined support staff provide. I have witnessed this in my professional capacity as well as personally with a family member of mine.

Joshua Mintz, M.D., Medical Director Hadley at Elaine Nursing Home

Mike is an attorney I refer cases to without any hesitation because I know my clients will be well taken care of in a timely, competent, and caring manner when it comes to estate and Medicaid planning.

Attorney Renee Wetstein, Family and Adoption lawyer, Northampton

Attorney Hooker’s expert legal advice was invaluable in the management of our finances. I appreciated his compassion and guidance with all the issues of elder care. He provided me with the information I needed to make informed decisions and choices. His staff has been wonderful. I appreciated their patience, support, and assurances. Michael and his staff have made this long, painful, difficult journey, a much easier one for me, and I love them all.

Charlotte Otis, Williamsburg, Massachusetts

Our family cannot thank Attorney Hooker and his staff enough for the incredible care and support given to us recently when we placed our mother in a nursing home. There was a tremendous amount of paperwork to be completed in order to protect our parents' assets. I do not know how we ever would have gotten through it all without their help. Mike’s entire team was professional, kind, and helpful. In particular, his nurse was fantastic! She was in constant communication with us and kept us informed every step of the way. She made a very sad and difficult situation manageable. We will never be able to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to her. We would highly recommend Mike Hooker’s team to anyone in need of elder care services.

Katy Coyle, Connecticut

When my mother's Alzheimer's disease progressed to the point where she could no longer remain at home, Attorney Hooker was referred to me. My father's health was also declining. After having spent so much time and effort that almost any family member would also willingly devote to such circumstances, the last thing I thought I wanted was a lawyer to further complicate matters. But, from the very beginning, Attorney Hooker and his team of professionals became more. They became an extension of the family in the best sense of the word. While dealing with the myriad of federal and state laws and regulations, mountains of required paperwork, and the attendant bureaucracy accompanying Medicaid applications, long-term care, and financial matters, they unfailingly demonstrated genuine concern, caring, and compassion. And they were on top of things at all times. My mother has passed now, but assets were protected for my father. He is now in long-term care and, again, I turned to Attorney Hooker and his team for help. I cannot recommend Attorney Hooker more. Such emotional and complicated circumstances cannot be navigated alone.

Greg Dillard, Belchertown, Massachusetts

I was referred to Attorney Michael Hooker and his staff when my elderly mother needed to address problems with her living situation and apply for Medicaid. From the first meeting with Michael and Jill Turati, the firm’s social worker, I felt relieved and confident that I had found the right people to help us. The firm's flat-fee method of billing eliminated any anxiety over mounting charges and helped allow us to focus on the issues at hand. Jill was relentless in her dedication to getting the best possible outcome for my mother; she is a true professional with an open heart for her clients. I have referred Attorney Hooker and his firm to friends and acquaintances going through similar issues with elderly members of their families. They were key in the safe and content life that my mother now enjoys.

Donna Ainsworth, Amherst, Massachusetts

Intelligent, creative, caring, competent, capable, best support staff in the Valley. Those are a few of the superlatives I’d use to describe Attorney Michael Hooker.

Deborah Hollingworth, Geriatric Resources Advisor, Greater Springfield Senior Services

We look to Attorney Michael Hooker and his team for their experience and expertise when our clients are in need of legal guidance in elder planning. They provide personalized service, answer questions and enable our clients to make difficult decisions.

Christopher T. Cloutier, Financial Advisor, South Hadley, Massachusetts

Thank YOU so much for providing legal services for my two DEAR friends! When I learned about their parents' legal situations, I believed in my heart that you and your legal team would be a good fit so I referred them to you. They seem to be very happy with your service. I knew they would.:-)

I will continue to refer those in need of legal elder services your way. Please know that your first impression left a WONDERFUL and lasting impression on my Mom, and me. We are very glad to know you. Continue to serve God's people with the incredible gift that He gave you.

Yolanda R. Johnson

I just wanted to thank you and your firm for all the help getting my mom approved for MassHealth. Estelle has been tireless in her efforts and made everything so easy for me. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. She’s a keeper! I so enjoyed working with her. I promise to recommend you guys to anyone I know who might be in need of this kind of help.

Cindy Gobillot, Southampton

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