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Frequently Asked Questions

Attorney Hooker has written extensively on many of the questions you may be having in his Life Becomes More Complicated column.  Here are some of the more common questions and links to those articles.

What are the most important documents I need to have in place?

ArticlesPowers of Attorney  |   Healthcare Proxies and MOLST forms  |  When There Is No Will

I have been putting off seeing a lawyer about estate planning for so many years, is it too late?

Articles: Estate Planning – the Land of Procrastination  |  When should you start asset protection?  |  Don't delay - Finish your estate plan

I am worried about my parents’ safety in their home. What are the options and who pays for it?

ArticlesWho Pays for Long-Term Care? A Hodgepodge  |  Aging in Place  |  Assisted Living Facilities |   Funding Care in the Home

We had our family lawyer do our wills, are there other things we should ask about?

ArticlesLegal Issues You Should Worry About  |  Common Mistakes in Estate Planning   |   Why You Should Use an Elder Law Specialist

My parents want to transfer their house to me to protect their assets. Is this a good idea?

ArticlesTransferring the House  |  Deeds Retaining Life Estates  |  Should You Give Your Money Away to Protect It from Nursing Home Costs?  |  What is The Story With $15,000/Year Gifts?

Should I set up a trust to protect my savings for my children and avoid probate?

ArticlesThe Revocable or “Living” Trust  |  Do Irrevocable Trusts Protect Assets?  |  Supplemental Needs Trusts  |  Do Trusts Protect Against Nursing Home Costs?

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